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Social Project - “Hand to hold, support each other”


Social project from STIMUL Education & Consulting – “Hand to hold, support each other”.

The educational center goes on to work of a charity.  


STIMUL Education & Consulting continues  to hold free courses  for  various vulnerable socially  groups. The Central Corporate Social Responsibility arranges free courses and seminars for various social groups as a part of its core business.

STIMUL provides the opportunities of free participation in the projects listed below (children of the disabled of the Karabakh war, children deprived of parental care, adolescents and young people, people  with disabilities)

  1. MS Office courses;
  2. The English and Russian language courses;
  3. Free Conversation clubs;
  4. Hold seminars, such as «CV writing and preparing interview», «Diction and Eggective speech», Psychological and other seminars.


The center also invites  volunteers  to join the social project. Teachers  who are eager to attend trainings as a volunteer can approach the center.


STIMUL Education & Consulting has been holding the trainings and seminars, translation services, study abroad, computer courses, foreign languages  in the Republic of Azerbaijan for rather than 10 years.

We collaborate with the ministries, institutions, organizations and universities throughout the country and abroad.


You can write to us about admission and other questions, call our numbers or approach our office.

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