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Foreign language courses

Russian Language Courses

Russian language courses

STIMUL Education & Consulting offers the opportunity to learn Russian as soon as possible using the latest teaching methods, as well as teaching aids used at the international level.

We are distinguished by our special training program, as well as our quality of service.

The special program that we use will become an incentive for you, and also improve your knowledge of the Russian language!

The program of the course consists of 6 levels:

1. A1 - Initial level;

2. A2 - Elementary level;

3. B1 - Level below the average;

4. B2 - Average level;

5. C1 - Above average level;

6. C2 - Advanced level.

Most often, each level is a month and a half, but depending on the ability and inclination to learn foreign languages, this period can both decrease and decrease.

The program consists of three hours a week (2 times a week, each lesson an hour and a half or 3 times a week, each lesson hour) and an additional 3 hours of the Talking Club. Classes are held individually or in groups. It is also possible to organize classes in the office of a corporate client.

NOTE: The lessons are taught by the teachers of the Russian language, who are the authors of various scientific articles on modern Russian methods of teaching.