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Foreign language courses

German language courses

STIMUL invites everyone who wants to learn German at the ideal level!

If you want to master German perfectly and want to surprise the interlocutor with clean speech, as well as understand German newspapers, radio and television, just like your native language, we are happy to help you!

Training in German starts at level A1 and ends at C1 level. Classes are held individually and in small groups, 2 times a week for an hour and a half, or 3 times a week for 1 hour.

The courses are based on special programs and CD / DVD materials using the most modern methodologies. When choosing a program, the student's goal and time are taken into account.

German language consists of 6 levels:

You can demonstrate the knowledge of the language at the initial level, i.e. understand simple everyday phrases needed to meet specific daily needs. Be able to introduce yourself and others, ask questions about people around you, such as where they live, who they know and what they own. Maintain an elementary conversation, if the interlocutor speaks clearly, slowly and is well-disposed.

You can understand individual sentences and frequently used phrases relating to specific aspects of everyday life (eg, simple information about your interlocutor, his family, purchases, the nearest environment and work). Maintain a conversation based on the exchange of the simplest information about everyday everyday affairs. Tell in simple terms about your background, education, immediate surroundings and basic household needs.

You can understand the basic thoughts of the statement on a topic familiar to you, related to work, study, leisure, etc. Explain in different situations arising during the stay in the country of the studied language. To compose connected messages on known and interesting topics. Describe impressions, events, dreams, hopes, aspirations, express views, briefly justify your opinion and explain your point of view.

You can understand the main content of complex texts on abstract and specific topics, as well as the course of the discussion related to your professional activities. To speak without preparation and fluently enough, thereby creating conditions for communication with native speakers to take place without significant difficulties on both sides. Clearly and in detail speak on a wide range of topics, state your point of view on current issues, describe the potential advantages and disadvantages of different options for the proposed activity.


You can understand the voluminous complex texts of a variety of subjects and recognize the hidden components of the meaning. Speak without preparation at a fast pace, not having difficulty with the selection of words and expressions. Flexibly and effectively use the language in public life, study and professional activities. Clearly, in detail and logically speak out on complex topics, skillfully using various means of organizing the text.


You can easily understand almost any oral or written communication. Summarize information obtained from various oral and written sources, motivate their statement and give competent explanations on the topic. Speak spontaneously, at a fast pace, while accurately formulating your thoughts, emphasizing the shades of meanings even in a conversation on a complex topic.

After completing each level, students can freely read and write at each level, respectively.