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Arabic language courses

STIMUL invites everyone who wishes to learn the Arabic language at the perfect level! If you are perfectly mastering the Arabic language, you will be surprised when you encounter any Arab with its flimsy speech and at the same time want to fully understand Arabic newspapers, radio, TV programs and Arabic music as our mother tongue!

The Arabic language teaching course is structured in three main areas:

1. The literary language of the Arabic language - Fusha.
2. Teach Arabic grammar in Arabic language.
3. Learning Arabic dialects and speaking lessons.

It is well-known that there are 22 Arab states in the world. Each of them has at least three dialects. In particular, STIMUL Education & Consulting will help you to study the Gulf Arabian dialects, as well as the bilingual Ash-Sham and Iraqi dialects.

Arabic language teaching at the course is organized by Emin Kerimov, who was admitted to the fifth course of the Arabic Language Teaching Institute for Non-Arabs in the Arab Republic of Syria, successfully completing the Master's Degree in that Institute and successfully completing the Master's Degree in Arabic Language at the Institute of Arabic Language at the University of Damascus. Teacher-educator Emin Kerimov, who teaches excellent language skills in different dialects and phrases in Arabic, will fulfill your perfect Arabic speech!
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