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Education Abroad

Education in Ukraine

Higher education in Ukraine is based on general secondary education. In addition, higher education institutions that prepare smaller specialists can be admitted to general secondary education.

Ukrainian universities have a very strong academic staff. The number of professors per student is higher than most European countries. Ukrainian universities are recognized by the Council of Europe and the Ministry of Education according to the Lisbon Treaty. Under this agreement, students have the opportunity to transfer to other European countries.

Bachelor's degree in Ukraine is 4 years (3 years and 10 months), Master's 2 academic years (1 year and 10 months). It is possible to study in 3 languages. These are: English, Ukrainian and Russian. Universities are popular in the world. The Kiev and Kharkov Universities are an example. In Ukraine, a large proportion of education fees are met by the state, so the tuition fee is between 2000 and $ 4000. Ukrainian universities offer students a cheap dormitory. Most university dormitory costs do not exceed $ 500. Students have a monthly meal of $ 350-400, including transportation, pocket money. Ukraine's university admission rules are easier compared to other European countries.

Foreign students who want to study in Ukraine or Russian are going through a one-year course. The training lasts from September 1 to June 31. International students, as well as Ukrainian citizens, must follow the same rules and guidelines for higher education in Ukraine.

In contrast to many other European countries, higher education in Ukraine is relatively efficient and affordable. For those who can not read in Ukraine, there are broader educational opportunities.

In Ukraine, higher education institutions include: technical school (college), college, institute, conservatory, academy, university, etc.

There are four levels of accreditation for higher education institutions:

First level - technical school, school, other higher educational institutions;

The second level is college and other higher schools that have been equated with them;

Third and fourth levels - institute, conservatory, academy, university.

Starting from 2006, the knowledge of the students of Ukrainian higher education schools is estimated at 0 to 100 points. These estimates can be converted into 4-point tables in the following order:

From 90 to 100 "excellent"

From 70 to 89 - "good"

60 to 69 - "enough"

0 to 59 - "insufficient"

According to the data of 2011, there are 83 state higher education institutions and about 3,000 private higher education institutions in Ukraine. Ukrainian leading universities:

Kyiv National University named after Taras Shevchenko;

Kievo-Mogilian Academy;

V.N. Kharkov National University named after Karazhan;

Lvov National University named after Ivan Franko;

Kiev Polytechnic Institute.

Some Kharkov Universities:

* Kharkov National Aviation University

* Kharkov National Economy University

* V.N. Kharkov National University named after Karazhan

* Kharkiv National Medical University

* Kharkov National Technical University