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Education Abroad

Education in the United States

The United States is the world's leading student in international student flows. The number of students choosing America to expand their education and life experience is over 800,000.

The location of the world's top rated universities is the main reason why international students come to this country. The US is also known for its technology, research, and universities equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. Students studying here have direct contact with world-renowned researchers, professors. Students have a chance to work while reading. American companies provide decent international students to build bridges with different cultures.

Everyone who comes to study in America wants to get an international diploma first. In America, education is not only a single diploma, but also an attractive career perspective, including valuable life experience.

American education system is universal. It is based on global processes and secular values. This globality brings popularity and prestige to American universities. Not surprisingly, the world's economic, scientific, and political leaders are trained in America. US scientists are leading in all major ratings.

The most commonly chosen students are Massachusetts State student.

Most universities require the outcome of TOEFL or IELTS exams.


Long Island University
Widener University
James Madison University
Fairmont Private Schools
Western Kentucky University
University of Hartford
California State University Northridge
University of Massachusetts Boston
University of Massachusetts Lowell
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Florida Institute of Technology
University of New Hampshire
University of New Haven
University of Bridgeport
University of Wisconsin-Stout
Colorado State University Fort Collins
Oregon State University
University of South Florida
La Salle University
Arkansas State University
California State University Northridge
University of Hartford
Northeastern University
James Madison University
Marshall University
South Seattle Community College
Seattle Central Community College
Woodbury University
Manhattan College
New England College
Western New England University
St. Mary's University of Minnesota