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Education Abroad

Scholarship Programs

Scholarship In Hungary 

In Hungary, you must first check the qualifications of the specialty you want to study, and then you will need the following documents

1. IELTS 6.0-6.5

2. Motivation letter

3. Reference letter - 2 pieces

4. Europass CV

5. For masters - Bachelor's degree or 4th year student certificate, Bachelors - Attestat or 11th grade certificate

6. Transcript

7. 3.5x4.5 biometric white background picture

8. Application form

9. Copy of Foreign Passport and Identity Card

10. Health certificate (form 86)

11. QICS, Hebatit A, B, C

12. If there are no additional certificates in English language certificate (IELTS, TOEFL, etc.), it is possible to apply for a scholarship, only the language certificate must be submitted by August 1. The service fee is 400 AZN as a prepayment, after receiving a scholarship, plus 400 AZN (800AZN in total).

The total service fee is 800AZN. We can advise the students about the questions that can be raised at the Ministry of Education and we can say a few questions about which questions may come.

Scholarship in Italy

Retirement education in Italy is provided to families with poor financial status. For March, Italy begins in March and April, and 12-year education is required for bachelor's degree. The scholarship program can be given in two types: € 5100 per year, without a stay at the hostel, and a dormitory + 3500 euros a year. Granting a scholarship is made approximately in November-December of the current school year. Service fee is 2900 AZN

IELTS - you can retire and apply to universities