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Education Abroad

Study in Azerbaijan

For foreign citizens a chance to be accepted without examination the following Universities of Azerbaijan Republic:

  1. Azerbaijan  State Oil & Industry University
  2. Azerbaijan Medical University
  3. Azerbaijan University of Architecture & Construction
  4. Bau State University
  5. Azerbaijan Technical University
  6. Baku Slavic University
  7. Azerbaijan University of Language
  8. Azerbaijan State University of Culture & Art
  9. Baku Academy of Music
  10. Azerbaijan State Economic University
  11. Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University
  12. Azerbaijan State Academy of Art
  13. Azerbaijan Turism & Manag. University
  14. Baku Higher Oil School
  15. Baku Choreography Academy

NonState Universities:

  1. Azerbaijan University
  2. Khazar University

For admission:

  • The result of the examination is not required
  • 100% guarateed entrance
  • Full recognized diplomas
  • The right to defer military


Yearly tuition fee for preparatory course (foundation) is 500$ - 3000$. In accordance with University and specialty yearly tuition fee for Bachelor and Master varies between 1200$ - 4500$.

Documents required:

  •  Select specialty, the language of instruction and inducation of the type of education,an aplication to the head of the educational instution
  • The copies of the documents about your educational background showing the subjects you have taught in your stage previous of education and your marks on these subjects and its notarial translation to the Azerbaijan language
  • Certificate about health, including carries of viruses HIDS, hepatits B and C
  • Documents about valid border crossing
  • 6 photos size 3x4