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Family psychology

Psychology of the family

Family and Children

Lesson 1: How to create a family
Lesson 2: The stages of psychological, sociological and physical development
Lesson 3: Child's motor skills
Lesson 4: Parenting

How to become good parents?

Some parents ask themselves "what is the connection between ideal communication and the ability to be ideal parents?" Some parents are so much involved in the role of motherhood or paternity, that communication with the spouse recedes into the background. To be good parents, it's enough to be a good married couple. There are many parents who do not have any problems with children, but at the same time serious problems in the relationship between themselves. The children of such parents, in spite of the fact that they have a good time with their parents, are partly in a tense situation between mother and father. So, what is the role of ideal communication?

Relations between parents are very important, because they are going to give him in the first place - education. Otherwise, all your efforts will be wasted.

Children tend to repeat for someone both good and bad actions. This is especially true for young children. In other words, if there is hatred between the parents, the child will learn not only to love, but also to hate.

A child who watches an unstable situation at home, ceases to believe in the sincerity of his parents. This over time leads to the fact that the child begins to lose self-confidence.

The strained relations between parents also have a negative impact on the psychology of the child.

 Over time, the child is forced to stand on the side of one of the parents, and at the same time pursues its benefits.

If the child is in adolescence, he involuntarily begins to look for a more stable environment. Therefore, he gradually begins to move away from home.

Children who grew up in such a situation, even in their future family, can not get rid of this negative impact.

Do not let children feel that there are problems in your family.

Seven rules that will make the family more happy:

1. Do not argue

2. Do not try to change the nature of your husband

3. Do not judge

4. Express sincere gratitude to each other

5. Give each other little attention

6. Be polite