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Social Psychology

Social psychology is a section of psychology that is devoted to studying the behavior of a person in society and various groups, his perception of others, communicating with them and influencing them.

Knowledge of the foundations of social psychology is very important for the psychologically correct education of man and the organization of interaction between the individual and man.

Therefore Stimul conducts a course of social psychology on the following topics:

Ethics and Aesthetics

1 lesson: People who play games. The theory of E. Bern.
Lesson 2: Ethics of Communication
Lesson 3: Ethics of behavior
Lesson 4: Gestures of politeness.

Communication and Relationships

1 lesson: Man and woman. Difference between the sexes.
2 lesson: 5 types of relationships and 4 social levels
3 lesson: What is love?
4 lesson: How to choose a life partner?