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PR (Public Relations)

PR - Public Relations

PR (Public Relations, Public Relations, Social Relations, Public Relations, PR-PR) - Creating and Implementing Social and Economic and Political Systems of Object Image Competition (Ideas, Goods, Services, Identities, Organizations - Social The brand value of the value range of groups is ideal in life) and reinforce this image as necessary. In broader sense - the establishment of relationships between public and commercial organizations, public opinion control, for the objective understanding of society and the state or social, political and economic processes.



Public Relations

Part 1

In our Modern Public Relations (PR)

What is PR? Or what?

PR concept and approaches to it

Common goals of PR

Development history of PR

The importance of PR:

From the point of view of the employer
From a working point of view
PR benefits
Factors affecting PR:
Internal factors;
Foreign factors;
Factors that are not important in PR
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Part 2

PR and similar concepts

PR and presentation
PR and human
PR and marketing
PR and advertising
PR and propaganda
PR and lobbying
PR and social responsibility
PR and crisis
Causes of Crisis;
Stages of the crisis;
Crisis Management;
Crisis plan
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Part three

Public Relations activities

PR and communication
Communication time
Communication forms
Problems for communication

PR and press
Festivals and festivals
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Part four

How should PR work begin?

Practical events