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Trainings and Qualifications

HR (Human Resources)

HR - (Human Resource) training

Training language: Azerbaijani language

Training duration: 28 hours (1 and half month)

Number of group participants: 4-6 people

Service fee: 250AZN (group)

Classes are taught individually and in small groups. It is possible to define the start time of lessons during individual lessons on the basis of mutual agreement.

Trainer: Sevinj Garakishiyeva (experience more than 15 years, currently works as HR Manager in Oil Structures)

The training is intended for those who work in the Personnel Department as well as those who want to work in the future in future and who want to further improve their HR experience.

The training program is as follows:

- Introduction to HR training

- HR history

- HR Manager's key responsibilities

- Labor law and human resource management. Legal aspects of the HR specialist's activity.

- Labor law system. Labor law relations. Employees' personal affairs.

- Staff schedule. Compilation and adjustment rules.

- The place of the contract in the labor legislation. The main differences between the labor and civil contract and the rules of development.

- Rules of conclusion and correction of labor contract.

- Rules for transferring to another position. Key features of the description.

- Application hours and registration requirements.

- Leisure time, vacation concept and types

- Material commitments of the parties under the labor contract.

- Regulatory features of separate category workers

- Employee recruitment, selection, and adaptation

- Traditional and non-traditional recruitment techniques

- Selection methods (interviews, questionnaires, biographical surveys). Valuation studies

- Psychological tests and tests.

- legal aspects of recruitment and selection.