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Trainings and Qualifications

Law qualifications

Program of "PROPERTY LAW"

1. Legislation in the area of ​​civil law

2. Civil rights and obligations, their protection

II Persons

3. Individuals

4. Legal entities

III Property and Property Law

5. General provisions

6. General provisions of the right of ownership

7. Right of entrepreneurship

8. Restriction of ownership rights

9. Acquisition and Loss of Property Rights

10. Specific types of property rights

11. Use of the Goods

12. The right to property. Mortgages and mortgages

IV Agenda

13. General provisions on the deals

14. Invalidity of transactions

15. Agree on the Deals

16. Representation at Deals

V Duration

17. Calculation of time

18. Claim period

VI General part of the liability law

19. General Provisions on Obligations

20. Treaty law

21. Execution of commitments

22. Non-fulfillment of obligations

23. Responsibility for not performing obligations

24. Ensure that commitments are fulfilled

25. The commitment is the majority of creditors or debtors

26. Commitment of obligations

27. Termination of Commitments

28. Implementation of civil rights

Special section

VII Contractual Obligations

29. Buying and selling

30. Superior Rights and Other Advantages in Acquisition

31. Do not change

32. Donation

33. Real Estate Rental

34. Rental

35. Franchising

36. Free use

37. Debt

38. Leasing

39. Podrat

40. Task

41. Brokerage

42. Trade Representative (Agent)

43. Commercial Concession

44. Commission

45. Storage

46. ​​Transportation

47. Tourist services

48 Rent

49. An agreement on a bargaining agreement and an acceptance of an existing debt

50. Insurance

51. Bank deposit

52. Bank account

53. Settlements between participants of civil turnover

54. Securities

55. Public disclosure of special rewards. Competition

56. Holding games and wagons

Obligations arising from Law VIII

57. Do not carry other jobs without assignment

58. Unreasonable enrichment

IX Obligations arising from civil rights violations (delicti)

59. Civil rights violations (delicti)

60. Compensation for damages caused to the life or health of a physical person

61. Compensation for damages caused by defects in goods, works or services

X. Right of inheritance

62. General provisions of inheritance law

63. Inheritance on the Law

64. Succession on testament

65. Form of Power of Attitudes

66. Mandatory share in inheritance

67. The command of the test (leqte)

68. Replacement or cancellation of testament

69. Execution of testament

70. Acceptance of inheritance and refusal of its acceptance

71. Distribution of inheritance

72. Provision of creditors by heirs

73. Protection of inheritance

74. Certificate of inheritance


I Criminal Law

1. Duties and principles of criminal law of the Republic of Azerbaijan

2. The force of the criminal law

II About Crime

3. The concept of crime and the classification of crimes

4. Persons to be prosecuted

5. Accusation

6. A minor crime

7. Participation in the crime

8. Circumstances that eliminate the act of committing a crime

III About the Penalty

9. The concept, purpose and types of punishment

10. Determination of the sentence

IV Exemption from criminal liability and punishment

11. Exemption from criminal liability

12. Do not free yourself from punishment

13. Amnesty. Do not pardon. Conviction

V Criminal liability for minors

14. Peculiarities of criminal liability and penalties for minors

VI Compulsory Measures of Medical Character

15. Mandatory medical measures

Special section

VII Peace and Humanity Crimes

16. Peace and Humanity Crimes

17. Crimes of war

VIII Crimes against personality

18. Crimes against life and health

19. Crimes against personality and dignity of the person

20. Crimes against sexual immunity and sexual freedom

21. Crimes against human and citizen's constitutional rights and freedoms

22. Crimes against minors and family relations

IX Crimes in the Economic Area

23. Crimes against property

24. Crimes in economic activity

 X Crimes against social security and public order

25. Crimes against social security

26. Crimes related to illicit trafficking in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances

27. Public morality crimes

28. Environmental Crimes

29. Crimes against traffic safety and traffic rules

30. Crimes in computer information

XI Crimes against state power

31. Crimes against the bases and security of the state's constitutional system

32. Crimes against justice

33. Crimes against interests of state power, civil service interests and local self-governing bodies, as well as in other commercial and non-commercial organizations
34. Crimes against administrative rule

XII Crimes against military service

35. Crimes against military service

Short-term training on "International private Law"
  • The procedure and characteristics of applying to civil law relations with foreign elements.
  • In cases where the law of a state where several jurisdictions is valid, it is the right of the State to determine or to apply which of these legal systems will apply.
  • Rings (Special Restrictions). Main features and application.
  • The definition of rights and obligations of the parties to the contract, the definition, execution, execution, termination of the contract, the consequences of improper execution and invalidity, as well as the regulation of the contractual obligations and debt relief issues.
  • Responsibility for International Private Law.
  • Peculiarities of inheritance in international private law.
  1. Buying and selling
  2. Right of priority and other prior right to purchase
  3. Do not change
  4. Donation
  5. Property lease
  6. Rent
  7. Franchising
  8. Free use
  9. Debt
  10. Leasing
  11. Contractor
  12. Task
  13. Brokerage
  14. Trade Representative (Agent)
  15. Commercial Concession
  16. Commission
  17. Keeping up
  18. Transportation
  19. Tourist services
  20. Rent
  21. An agreement on the bargaining agreement and the confession of existing debt
  22. Insurance
  23. Bank deposit
  24. Bank account