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English (English, English language) - Languages ​​of the Indo-European languages. As a mother tongue, 410 million people are carriers. The second language is spoken by 1 billion people (2007).

It is one of six UN official and working languages. One of the two official languages ​​of the English language, Britain, the actual UK, USA, Ireland, Canada and Malta is the official language of Australia, New Zealand. It was used as an official language in Asia (eg India, Pakistan, etc.) and in some African times.

At present, English is one of the most widely spoken languages ​​in the world. English is widely known worldwide as diplomacy, commercial, naval, scientific and technical language. Most of the literature and mass media published in our time are published in English.

Because of all this, learning English is a vital necessity for everyone.

Stimul will teach you English more quickly in the following ways:

  • Effective method - English language courses.
  • Direct method - English language courses.
  • Interactive methods - English language courses.
  • Associated Techniques - English Courses.
  • Intensively - English courses.