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Vidadi Bakhishov


- Vidadi Bakhishov (Head of local and international projects) Vidadi Bakhishov graduated from Azerbaijan State University in 1985. Russia, Germany, Finland, etc. He has undergone advanced training in management in foreign countries, was a participant and speaker at international conferences.


He is one of the founders of the new management system created in Azerbaijan since 1996. Mr. Vidadi has professional experience in developing completely new management programs of companies operating in the media, banking, manufacturing, service, financial and other sectors, as well as government agencies. For his services, he was awarded the PROGRESS medal of the Republic of Azerbaijan by our President Mr. Ilham Aliyev.


In 1986, he participated in the seminar of young scientists and specialists held in Russia and finished with the Commendation award. In 2004, he participated in NATO's international seminar "Distance Training". In 2007, he participated in the Bank software "IB System Object" seminar in Russia. In 2010, he participated in the project management seminar in Germany (GIS organization).

In addition, he participated in many projects as a leader.
Work experience:

In 1996, "Subscriber accounting system" of Azerigas CJSC

In 1998, the automation of the financial procedures and accounting system of Azerigas CJSC

In 2000, the creation of the electronic version of the infrastructure of Azerigaz CJSC

In 2003, creation of a database of Eurasian artistic monuments (creation of a database of artistic monuments located on the Silk Road)

In 2004, the creation of the subscriber management software complex of Azerigaz CJSC

In 2007, conducting GAP Analysis for Azerdemiryol Bank, conducting IT audit for ParaBank, conducting GAP Analysis for ANS Media Group

"Budget planning" for the Mortgage Fund of the National Bank in 2008, creation of the "Electronic commerce" system to ensure the development of entrepreneurship in the regions

Project management in 2011. Capacity building, conducting research to improve the effectiveness of the consulting services provided to entrepreneurs by the Baku Business Training Center and its representative offices, implementing a distance learning system for the purpose of educating entrepreneurs - Mirapolis Virtual Room, special software for the preparation of investment projects for the purpose of educating entrepreneurs. creation

In 2012, the national concept for the creation of a business and information technology incubator for youth

In 2013, the project of researching the mechanism of involving disabled youth in entrepreneurship and preparing a package of proposals

Work experience:
1985- 1988: Engineer-mathematician, Baku branch of Automatic Apparatus ETİ

1988-1989: Chief engineer of the Baku branch of Automatic Equipment Institute

1989- 1990: Leading engineer of the Baku branch of Automatic Equipment ETİ

1990-1991: Sector manager of Baku Business Training Center

1991- 1992: Director of the Software Application Department of the Computing Center of the Ministry of Alvan Metallurgy

1993- 2007: Director of the Software Development Department of the Baku Business Training Center

February 2007 - July 2008: Director of the Software Department of "CASPEL" LLC

July 2008 - February 2019: Director of the Department of Information Technologies and Resources, Baku Business Training Center

February 2019- February 2020: Analyst at the Small and Medium Business Development Agency

February 2020 - until now: project analyst at Birge MMC