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Training in marketing is conducted in various fields in Azerbaijani, Russian and English.

The training program "Marketing and trade skills":

Where does marketing begin?
Marketing strategy of the company;
Market analysis - SWOT analysis;
Trade policy and trade marks (branding);
Price policy;
"His Majesty the Client";
Client behavior, socio-psychological factors;
Advertising - creative and productive;
Internet Marketing;
The ultimate goal is sales and a successful seller.
Training program for training "Marketing":

1. The process of marketing research

2. Comprehensive research and monitoring of commodity markets

3. Analysis of the company's production and trading capabilities and development strategies. Market analysis.

4. Information support of marketing research. Situational challenges

5. Marketing complex. SWOT analysis, PESTEL

6. Commodity policy

7. Communication policy. Analysis of competitors

8. Sales policy / pricing policy