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Russian language courses

We do not speak about our uniqueness, but we differ from the special program of the Russian language, both from the point of view of teaching, and also taking into account the use of our literature

The special program that we use will become an incentive for you, and also improve your knowledge of the Russian language!

The program of the course consists of 6 levels:

A1 - Initial level

A2 - Elementary level

B1 - Level below average

B2 - Intermediate level

C1 - high average level

C2 - Advanced level

Most often, each level is a month and a half, but depending on the abilities and propensities to learn foreign languages, this period can both decrease and decrease.

The program consists of lessons in three hours a week and an additional hour of the conversation club. Classes are held individually or in groups, at the client's office or in our training center.

Difference of the course:

The course focuses on the development of 4 basic skills: speech, listening, writing and reading.

Courses are based on special programs and CD / DVD materials using the most modern techniques. When choosing a program, the student's goal, time, and level are taken into account. Classes are held in the form of individual and small groups of students' choice.

Course Guides:


At the end of each month, the exam takes place on the basis of the results of the month, and at the end of each level - the examination by level. Exam consists of conversational, written, grammatical parts, and also includes listening. When the result is higher than 65%, the student moves on to the next level.

If the student does not advance at all during the training or comes unprepared for the classes, without authorization does not come to 2 lessons in a row, the organization in the right after two warnings to expel the student.

ATTENTION: Classes are taught by professional teachers studying in the field of teaching Russian, having various scientific articles on modern Russian methods of teaching, and also being authors of books used in teaching aids at universities.