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Computer courses

MS Office Programs

STIMUL Education & Consulting invites everyone who wants to improve their professionalism, working in the fields of accounting, audit, management, trade, etc. In all areas, the work is not complete without the Microsoft Office program.

Microsoft Office includes the following programs:

  • Operating system Microsoft Windows;
  • Microsoft Office Word is a word processor. Used to create and edit various documents. Currently considered the most popular software in the world.
  • Microsoft Office Excel - table processor. This program is primarily designed to calculate and create tables with different target values.
  • Microsoft Office Outlook is a personal communicator. The program includes: a calendar, a task plan, an email, an address book.
  • Microsoft Office PowerPoint - the program for creating slides. Also with the help of this program, reports, abstracts, presentations are created.

Our teachers are professionals in this field. In order to ensure the quality of our teaching, everyone can use a trial version of the lesson lasting 1 hour.