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Computer courses

Graphic Design Courses

STIMUL invites to the courses courses Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign and others who want to study these programs at the highest level, those who are just going to start the professional activities of the "graphic designer", as well as those who want to gain practical experience in the data programs.

Corel Draw provides the ability to create basic types of graphic tools, such as a banner, logo, brochure, business card, billboard, etc. In addition, it is recommended to study Corel Draw for performing operations such as various photomontage, editing photos, etc.

Adobe Photoshop - a multifunctional program of the graphic editor. It mainly works with raster drawings, but also has some vector tools.

Adobe Illustrator is a program that can create a vector for your images. You can create logos, sketches, pictures for a website, etc.

Adobe InDesign is a multifaceted design program created by Adobe. Inside the company, this software is also called K2 (Quark Killer). Used to design the design of any printed or online publications.

Since classes are taught on a practical basis individually and in small groups, you can easily work as a graphic designer after completing this course.