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Computer courses

3D Design Courses

STIMUL invites everyone who wants to work in the field of architecture, design, technology, as well as those wishing to obtain practical skills.

AutoCad is an automated design and drawing system developed by Autodesk for use in engineering, construction, architecture and other industries. The program includes two-dimensional and three-dimensional design, which allows you to use elementary graphic primitives to get more complex objects.

Autodesk 3ds Max (formerly 3D Studio MAX) is a full-featured professional software system for creating and editing 3D graphics and animations, also developed by Autodesk. Contains the most up-to-date tools for artists and multimedia professionals.

ArchiCAD is a software package for architects based on the Information Modeling (BIM) technology created by Graphisoft. Designed for the design of architectural and building structures and solutions, as well as elements of the landscape, furniture, etc.

In the process of working in the program, the concept of a "virtual building" works. The essence of the work is that ArchiCAD is a real model of the building, based on the real existing computer memory.

ArchiCAD is a program that provides the creation of architectural projects. The developed design at any stage of the work can be seen in a three-dimensional, cross-section. In ArchiCAD it is also possible to build the appropriate construction documents: plans, prospects, reducing the list of necessary construction materials and adjustments made by the designer in the process.