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Preparatory Courses

Pre-school preparation

STİMUL Education & Consulting always looking for innovation. We continue to expand our activities in new areas taking into consideration customers' desire.

Recently we started courses in this area connection with the increase in appeals of Child Psychology. Parents are able to use our psychologists’ services for psychological and intellectual development of their children. You may also invite our psychologists to your homes.

Preparation of 3-6 years old pre-school children:

  • Determination of mathematical figures
  • Teaching alphabet - writing skills
  • Teaching habits of work
  • Organization of logical games
  • Organization of literary nights and poetry contests

It also includes foreign language courses (mainly English and Russian courses), art and etc. for children.

We also taught psychological lessons for children.

  • Development trainings
  • Development of logical mentality
  • Pre-school preparation
  • Correction of psychical processes (attention, memory, perception, mentality, imagination and speech)
  • Development and correction of communicative skills and correction
  • Hyperactive Children
  • Psychical hinder
  • Hindering in Psychical Speech
  • Hindering in psychomotor development