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STIMUL Education & Consulting is the official representative of several international companies in Azerbaijan in 2011.

Et Company:

London School of Business and Finance (England)
Bournemouth Business School International (England)
College Oxford House (England)
Continental English (British)
Sprachcaffe, Germany
Kaplan International Colleges (England)
Ukrainian International Educational Council
Наш успех на этом не закчивается. In 2010 or 2010, we purchased a tender announced by the Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan on a one-time, systematic and written translation of the English language of the English into English and is valid for the duration of our contract.

Also in 2010, we purchased a tender in the Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan, which included several international and local companies, acquired Oracle and Java programming languages, and we have also won these professional trainings from our professional trainers.

STIMUL Education & Consulting is pleased to announce the launch of Java Web-programming, Oracle Database 11g and CSCO CBR to bank loans, announced by the Central Bank of Azerbaijan on 8 May 2013.

We are currently continuing our work with various ministries, international and local organizations, banks, insurance companies, holdings and individual entrepreneurs. Today, we have 100 corporate clients in different areas (accounting, accounting and courses, professional computer programs, courses in different foreign languages, psychological training and courses, training for rubjos and others). .