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80 AZN

English cources

STIMUL Education & Consulting invites everyone who wants to speak English fluently in general English courses taught by our internationa...

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60 AZN

Russian language courses

We do not speak about our uniqueness, but we differ from the special program of the Russian language, both from the point of view of teachin...

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50 AZN

Computer Courses

STIMUL Education & Consulting invites all those who want to work or work in the professions that are important for the accountants, audi...

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90 AZN

Accounting and 1C Programming

STIMUL Education & Consulting invites all accountants, as well as those wishing to work in the field of accounting, to the most popular ...

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- IELTS (The International English Language Testing System) The IELTS exam confirms the level of proficiency in English at the internatio...

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65 AZN

Preparation for the Civil Service

In the State Service, the main requirement for civil servants is the fulfillment of their duties in accordance with the Constitution of the ...

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120 AZN

SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test)

- SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) Designed for those who want to study in the undergraduate degree at colleges in Turkey and the United ...

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130 AZN

Information Technology (IT) Engineering

The short educational program of the course: Basic parts of the computer The additional devices and their installation (pr...

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Suleymanov Ismail

Many thanks to Stimul course and I was very satisfied!



Gulnara Mammadova

I had access to the first STIMUL course information online. I am very glad to have chosen STIMUL. I was introduced to the friendly staff and very educated teacher here. Ilya khanum acquainted myself with me in the field where I had no understanding, ...


Araz Musayev

I would like to thank all STİMUL staff and my teacher, Ilaha Khanum, for the knowledge I received on the 1C Accounting Program at STIMUL