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Psychotherapy (from Old Greek ψυχή - “soul”, “spirit” + θεραπεία - “treatment”, “recovery”, “medicine”) is a system of therapeutic effects on the psyche and through the psyche on the human body. It is often defined as an activity aimed at ridding a person of various problems (emotional, personal, social, etc.). It is usually conducted by a psychotherapist by establishing deep personal contact with the patient (often through conversations and discussions), as well as the use of various cognitive, behavioral, medicamental, and other techniques. However, this definition is not complete.

It is necessary to distinguish the concept of psychotherapy from both psychiatry and psychology. Psychotherapy can be a type or component of psychiatric treatment (and described in textbooks on psychiatry, recommended to psychiatrists for use), but psychiatric treatment is often not limited to it (or, in some cases, for example, in acute psychosis, it can generally be reduced only to medical treatment). A psychologist can also be a psychotherapist (for example, having attended courses and obtained the appropriate qualifications).