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Selected courses

Information Technology Engineering - IT HelpDesk

The short educational program of the course:

  • Basic parts of the computer
  • The additional devices and their installation (printer, scaner, webcam etc.)
  • Information about  BIOS
  • Formatting a computer
  • Installation of the Windows operating system
  • Recording of drivers
  • Recording of program
  • The use of Antivirus Software and how to protect computer from the virus
  • Some system operations in Windows O.S.
  • Technical education (about internal installation)
  • The basic internal details of computer
  • The form of internal installation
  • Information about the processor, a hard disk, ram, the video card and the motherboard
  • Additional internal devices (modem, TV-card etc.)
  • Assembling of computer
  • Information about the network
  • Network installations
  • The TCP/IP installation, the use of HUB, SWITCH and other devices in a network
  • The use of internet and printer in a network.
  • The programs used in a network
  • Installation of new operative systems and programs
  • Windows Vista, windows 7, Linux etc.
  • Programs for correction of some technical errors which are available in the computer

All program disks register free of charge.